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Anchor Home Comfort recognizes the importance of your home’s electrical system in creating a comfortable and enjoyable place to live throughout the year. It’s an aspect of your everyday routine, and when unanticipated issues come up, quick resolution is critical to restoring your peace of mind. With years of experience in the residential electrical industry, our team consists of qualified Ottawa electricians who have the skills and understanding needed to provide dependable solutions for home owners just like you.

Our success is built on prioritizing the needs of our customers. You can be confident that when you work with Anchor Home Comfort, your home will be in capable hands. Our electrician team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That includes after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no additional cost to you!

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Our residential electrician services.

Renos & Upgrades

  • Home renovations & remodeling projects
  • Whole-home electrical services: kitchen, bathroom, basements, bedrooms, living room, dining room, rec room, outdoor patios
  • Home electrical panel upgrades
  • Wiring for home appliances
  • Residential service upgrades (100, 200, or 400 amps)

Electrical Repairs & Housecalls

  • Residential electrical repair services
  • Fixing incorrectly installed house wiring, overloaded circuits, and other poor quality home electrical issues
  • Service for all home electrical elements: switches, outlets, doorbells, fans, hot tubs wiring

Electrical Installations

  • Indoor & outdoor lighting installation
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting
  • Home electric car vehicle chargers / charging stations
  • Installation of electrical components for ceiling fans, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  • Installation of motion lights & security systems
  • Installation of home sub panels
  • Surge protection for home electrical panels
  • Replacements of electrical fuses & breakers
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlet wiring

Electrical Wiring

  • Whole-house rewiring service from qualified electricians
  • Wiring for smart home technology & applications
  • Knob & tube removal and replacement
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlet wiring
  • Low-voltage & line-voltage wiring
  • Pool, spa and home hot tub wiring
  • Wiring for all home electronics (such as home theater & sound systems, security system & motion lights, phone & cable, ceiling fans) & home appliances

Home Electrical Safety

  • Residential electrical inspections
  • Electrical protection plans for proactive home maintenance

Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with a licensed electrician before installing or replacing electrical outlets and switches in your Ottawa home. As such, if you need help with the electrical outlets and switches in your home, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Anchor Home Comfort for assistance! Our team of Ottawa electricians is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no additional costs!

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Our Electrician Service FAQs

The task of detecting and fixing problems or breaks down in an electrical system is referred to as electrical installation repair. It entails diagnosing the issue, making the appropriate modifications, replacing flawed components, and ensuring that the electrical infrastructure is safe, reliable, and in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations. Here’s a more in-depth look at electrical installation repair:

When an electrical installation experiences problems such as power outages, lights that flicker, circuit breaker trips, or faulty switches, a qualified electrician is called in to evaluate and repair the issue at hand. The following steps are typically involved in the repair process:

1. Problem Diagnosis: The electrician begins by carefully inspecting the electrical system in order to identify the root of the issue that is occurring. They may employ specialized instruments and supplies to conduct tests and inspect different parts such as wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, and switches.

2. Troubleshooting: After identifying the problem, the electrician uses the knowledge they have to troubleshoot and pinpoint the root cause. Checking for loose connections, impaired wires, overwhelmed circuits, or faulty electrical appliances may be necessary.

3. Repairs and Component Replacement: After determining the root cause, the electrician will either fix or replace the faulty or damaged parts. This may entail replacing malfunctioning switches or outlets, repairing harmed wiring, or replacing faulty circuit breakers.

4. Safety Checks and Testing: After carrying out the repairs that are required, the electrician performs thorough safety checks and tests to ensure that the power supply is functioning correctly. This could include checking for proper grounding, testing the level of voltage, and making sure all connections are secure.

5. Documentation and Compliance Check: Electrical professionals will then ensure that the repaired electrical installation complies with all applicable safety codes and regulations. They may provide records or reports outlining the repairs made, the replacement of components, and suggestions for future upkeep or improvements.

It’s essential to keep in mind that because of the inherent dangers of working on electrical systems, electrical installation repairs should only be performed by authorized and licensed electricians. Hiring a professional electrician guarantees that the repairs are done correctly, efficiently, and in accordance with standards set by the industry, thus contributing to the safety and long-term sustainability of your electrical system.

Do you need repairs for your new electrical installation? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Ottawa electricians at Anchor Home Comfort! Our qualified electricians are available around the clock, 365 days a year! This includes after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no additional cost!

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Installation or replacement of electrical switches and electrical outlets is one of the most common residential electrical services performed. Electrical outlets and switches are necessary parts of our homes because they provide power to different devices and enable us to regulate our lighting and electrical appliances. In fact, there are several reasons why homeowners may have their electrical outlets or switches replaced or newly installed. Here is a closer look at some of them below:

·  Upgrading Outlets and Switches: For greater safety and integration with contemporary appliances, homeowners often replace outdated two-prong outlets and switches with more modern ones that even have dimming features.

·  Increasing Outlet Capacity: To accommodate the increasing need for power and provide convenient access to electricity, install extra outlets in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and home workplaces.

·  Repairing Faulty Outlets and Switches: Fixing loose connections, faulty wiring, or damaged components occurs regularly in Ottawa homes.

·  Home Renovations and Remodeling: During home renovations, relocating or adding outlets and switches to reflect changes in room layouts or specific functional needs is common as well.

To fix a tripped circuit breaker, switch the breaker fully off and on.

If this does not fix the problem, call us at 613-704-8819 or book a home electrical service online today.

A lack of voltage may be an issue with your hydro provider, or it may be due to loose wiring in the home.

We recommend calling your hydro provider first to determine if the problem is on their end. If not, call us at 613-704-8819.

An electrical wall outlet may stop working due to an issue with the breaker. It may also be a result of a broken GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet.

The wire inside may also have disconnected.

It’s best to leave finding the cause to a professional who can diagnose the issue and fix it safely.

If your home is on aluminum electrical wiring, you should call an electrical contractor to replace it right away.

Aluminum wiring is not safe, and most insurance companies will no longer allow for coverage of homes that still use it.

If your home is on knob & tube wiring, you might want to consider upgrading to a more modern system.

Contact the pros at Anchor Home Comfort at 613-704-8819 or book a home electrical service online today.

There are two types of electrical services that are commonly used: residential electrical service and commercial electrical service. Let’s take a closer look at both:

1. Residential Electrical Services: Residential electrical service is concerned with meeting the electrical needs of individual homes and homeowners. Installing, fixing, and maintaining electrical wiring in dwellings ensures a secure and adequate supply of electricity to satisfy the everyday requirements of households. Residential electricians work in homes to install wiring, outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, and circuit breakers. They also deal with electrical problems, conduct safety inspections, and help with electrical upgrades or improvements for homeowners.

2. Commercial Electrical Services: On the other hand, commercial electrical service focuses on electrical tasks in commercial buildings and facilities. It includes a wide range of electrical offerings that are tailored to the specific needs of businesses, offices, retail spaces, factories, and other commercial establishments. Commercial electricians work on projects such as electrical system design, complex wiring system installation, distribution panels, lighting systems, and emergency backup power systems. They also investigate and repair electrical problems, conduct energy efficiency inspections, and ensure that commercial building rules and regulations are followed.

Residential and commercial electrical services are both essential for keeping the electrical networks in their respective environments working and safe. Whether it’s guaranteeing that people are comfortable at home or supporting the operations of a business, these solutions are provided by qualified electricians who have the knowledge to handle the distinctive needs of each industry.

Copper wiring will last a very long time.

Aluminum, however, will last around 20 years, and should be replaced at that point.

No, not yourself; never attempt to move or remove old wiring yourself.

A certified electrical contractor should be dispatched to inspect it themselves and confirm that it is, in fact, unused. Attempting to do so yourself is not safe and could result in severe injury or even death.

Yes, electricians can help with certain facets of wall repair, particularly when electrical work is involved. While their primary focus is on electrical installations and servicing, they might have to gain access to walls in order to complete their duties effectively. Here are a few examples of how electricians might be engaged with wall-related work:

·  Installing New Electrical Outlets, Switches, or Light Fixtures: When installing new power outlets, switches, or light fixtures, electricians might have to run wiring through the walls in your home. To route the electrical cables, small openings or holes in the walls are frequently required. They are able to connect and secure all of the electrical parts once the electrical infrastructure is in place.

·  Troubleshooting and Repair: If you’re having electrical problems within your walls, such as power failures or defective wiring, electricians may need to gain access to the affected areas in order to identify and fix the issue. They will usually locate the cause of the problem by running tests which could require opening up sections of the wall to access and repair the faulty electrical components.

·  Upgrades and Renovations: Electrical connections and outlets may need to be modified or repositioned during home upgrades or renovations that encompass electrical work. To make room for the changes, this could entail opening up walls to access existing wiring, rerouting it, or installing additional wiring.

However, it’s crucial to note that after their electrical work is completed, electricians are typically not responsible for cosmetic repairs or restoring the wall’s appearance. A professional contractor who specializes in wall repairs and painting is usually in charge of this aspect.

Do you need assistance with your electrical components at home? If the answer is yes, the team at Anchor Home Comfort in Ottawa, Ontario, would be more than happy to assist you! Whether it be repairs, maintenance, or the installation of new electrical appliances, you can count on us to get the job done right!

Our electricians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That includes after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra charge!

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