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Generator Installation Ottawa

Losing power throughout your home is an inconvenience that can impact numerous areas of your lifestyle. Luckily, with a professional generator installation in Ottawa performed by the experienced electrician team at Anchor Home Comfort, you’ll never have to worry about losing the benefits of electricity in your home.

What is a generator?

A generator is a backup power system designed for homes. Usually, these generators are permanently mounted outside homes and are wired into the electricity grid. Let’s break this down a bit further: 

  • Power source: natural gas, propane, diesel, and gasoline are among the fuels that can power residential generators. 
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS): The automatic transfer switch is a vital part of a home generator system. When a power loss occurs, this device recognizes it and switches the electric current from the main electrical grid to the generator automatically. It returns to the grid and turns off the generator when grid power is restored.
  • Size and power capacity: To meet a range of power requirements, residential generators are available in various capacities. There are small generators that can power necessary circuits and larger ones that can supply backup power to the whole house.
  • Portable vs. standby: Standby generators and portable generators are the two primary categories of household generators. Permanently installed, standby generators are ready to go as necessary. In contrast, portable generators are mobile and require manual connection during power outages. 

With the convenience of a home generator, you’ll never have to worry about power outages again! 

Advantages of Having a Generator Installed 

There are many benefits to installing a generator in your home that you may not be aware of. Here’s a closer look: 

·  The main advantage of a generator is that it can supply electricity to your home when the power goes out.

·  With a generator, critical infrastructure like home security, medical equipment, and refrigeration can continue to function during a blackout.

·  When power outages occur in areas with extreme temperatures, a generator keeps air conditioning or heating systems operating.

·  A generator can power the sump pump in your home if it has a basement, reducing flooding during substantial rainfall or other water-related problems.

·  Your home’s resale value could increase if you have a generator. It frequently adds to the appeal of a property and is generally thought of as a valued asset by potential buyers.

·  It gives you comfort to know that you have a dependable backup power supply.

 Even though buying and installing a generator can be a costly investment, the peace of mind and practical features it offers make it a worthwhile addition to your house in Ottawa.

Professional Generator Installation Services in Ottawa

 With almost 40 years of professional experience, Anchor Home Comfort is well-equipped to provide Ottawa homeowners with top-notch generator installation services. We understand that all homeowners are different, which is why you can trust us to customize your experience and put your unique needs at the forefront of what we do best. With Anchor Home Comfort, you’ll never have to worry about electrical interruptions moving forward.

What is the downside of a generator?

Although generators provide many advantages, there are certain drawbacks and things to keep in mind that homeowners should be aware of:

·  Generators can be costly to buy and install, especially the larger and more powerful models needed for larger homes.

·  Purchasing fuel on an ongoing basis can be expensive.  

·  When it is operating, a generator’s loud noise might be an issue for residential areas.

·  Fuel supply may be restricted during emergencies like natural disasters. This might be difficult, mainly if you rely heavily on the generator for power during a prolonged blackout. 

 Don’t know whether a generator can benefit you and your family? Book a consultation with Anchor Home Comfort in Ottawa to learn more about our discounts and financing options.

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