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Your home’s furnace system is a crucial part that enables you to maintain your family’s comfort throughout the year, especially during the winter months. Therefore, when a problem with your furnace arises, you may be looking for a repair professional you can trust to solve the problem quickly. With the Anchor Home Comfort team on your side, you can rest assured that your furnace is in competent hands. Regardless of the scope or size of the repair, the expert technicians have over 30 years of HVAC experience and are highly educated in the required knowledge and abilities to provide high-quality solutions to property owners in Casselman, Ontario.

Anchor Home Comfort is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our skilled HVAC technicians do not charge an additional service fee for repair, maintenance, or installation work performed after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. As such, anytime you require our assistance, we will be there for you.

Aside from just that, if your home’s furnace system is unsalvageable, the Anchor Home Comfort team will be delighted to offer Casselman residents a range of financing options when they purchase and consider replacing their current heating system with our HVAC technician team.

Financing Available

Furthermore, if your heating system fails during a cold spell in Ontario, Anchor Home Comfort’s licensed service technicians can offer same-day or next-day installation solutions.

Notify an Anchor Home Comfort team member, or use our online scheduling tool to book your Casselman furnace repair! We are excited to collaborate with you!


Yes, in most cases, your current furnace system can be repaired. However, this will vary depending on the complexity of the problem our HVAC technicians discover and the overall condition of your heating equipment. Therefore, before we are able to determine whether your furnace system is repairable, homeowners in the Casselman community will need to book a repair appointment with the team at Anchor Home Comfort.

Anchor Home Comfort is available 24/7/365 days a year. We are also available for repairs, maintenance, and installations after hours, on weekends, and during holidays at no additional cost. Furthermore, in the event that you do require a new furnace system for your home, Anchor Home Comfort is happy to offer same-day or next-day installation appointments with a variety of payment plans.

Financing Available

Is your furnace system experiencing a problem? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to book an appointment with the team at Anchor Home Comfort. Call and speak to one of our team members or use our online booking system!

Regardless of what the temperature is outdoors, your home’s furnace system is critical for maintaining your and your family’s warmth all winter long. As a result, it is essential for homeowners to identify early warning signs that their furnace system is beginning to underperform or has broken entirely. As an outcome of knowing these warning signs, you can contact a reputable HVAC company right away to get a new furnace system installed in your household. However, we acknowledge that not every one of the warning signs is as obvious as the other ones. As a direct consequence, it can lead to problems becoming more complex and costly for homeowners down the road. Therefore, the professional HVAC team at Anchor Home Comfort has put together a list of warning signs that could indicate that it is time to reach out to our team for assistance. Here’s a more in-depth look at what to look out for in and around your Casselman home:

  • You notice there is a significant increase in your month-to-month heating bill
  • Your furnace system is over 15 years old, and you have yet to move ahead with a replacement
  • You find yourself having to frequently repair your heating system more than usual
  • Your home’s furnace system will not turn on at all
  • You find it difficult to heat your home to your personal preference
  • Your home is constantly dusty, no matter how often you clean
  • You and your family members are experiencing unexplained allergies and illnesses
  • Your heating equipment constantly cycles on and off without heating your home
  • The flue attached to your furnace system has rusted
  • There is moisture buildup throughout your home, which can be a sign of insufficient airflow
  • Your furnace system leaks water
  • You and your family have to frequently adjust your thermostat

As you can clearly see, there are a variety of indicators that your home’s furnace system is quickly approaching the end of its useful lifespan or has suffered an issue that is diminishing its ability to function optimally for your heating preferences. As a direct consequence, if you notice any of the above-noted red flags in your household, it’s time to contact a reputable HVAC company, such as Anchor Home Comfort, to examine the best steps for your home.

Anchor Home Comfort is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Our talented service technicians do not charge an additional service fee for after-hours, weekend, or holiday repair, maintenance, or installation work. As a result, we will be available to you whenever you need us.

Further to this, if your home’s furnace system is beyond repair, the Anchor Home Comfort staff will be happy to provide Casselman residents with a variety of payment plans when they buy and consider replacing their existing heating system with our HVAC service tech team.

Financing Available

Schedule a consultation with us today to find out about how our Anchor Home Comfort team can offer you and your family personalized furnace equipment for your household! Throughout your initial consultation appointment with one of our certificated HVAC technicians, all Casselman homeowners will receive a complimentary installation quote.

When your furnace is operating at its peak efficiency with no underlying issues, it should produce a quiet humming noise that is not easily detectable. Therefore, when your furnace system begins to produce a loud noise, it can be a telltale sign that there is something wrong with your unit. As such, while all furnace systems are different, if your current heating system is making a strange noise as it operates, it may be due to one of the following problems:

  • A dirty air filter that is clogged with dust, hair, dirt, and other debris
  • There is an issue with your blower motor
  • The blower wheel is broken or damaged
  • The heat exchanger in your unit has cracked
  • The burner system on your furnace is dirty and needs to be cleaned
  • There is something wrong with your air duct system

Is your home’s furnace system making an odd noise? If the answer is yes, it may be due to one of the above-noted signs. As such, to avoid further damage to your home’s heating system, we suggest homeowners reach out to a professional HVAC company such as Anchor Home Comfort to come and inspect their unit. That way, you can avoid further damage from occurring to your heating system.

Anchor Home Comfort is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our skilled service technicians don’t charge extra for after-hours, weekend, or holiday repair, maintenance, or installation work. As a result, we will be available whenever you require us.

Book your repair appointment with us directly by giving us a call or using our online scheduling form! We look forward to providing you with high-quality repair solutions for your furnace.

There are numerous factors to consider when determining whether it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your home’s furnace system before it breaks down on final time. For example, the average lifespan of a furnace system is 15 to 20 years. Therefore, if you are reaching the end of its service life, it may be more beneficial for you to purchase a new one, considering a new heating system will end up saving you more money in the long run. On the other hand, regardless of the age of your furnace system, if you find yourself having to constantly repair your heating equipment, you may wish to also consider a new unit as it can also save you more money long-term.

As such, we recommend homeowners book an appointment with the team at Anchor Home Comfort to have their furnace system examined before discussing the best course of action moving forward.

Book your appointment with us directly or use our online scheduling system to have an Anchor Home Comfort HVAC technician to your home as promptly as possible! We look forward to working with you.

Our Guarantees

We have the utmost confidence in our work and our people and want to make sure you do, too. That’s why we offer a 2-year guarantee to repair, replace, or refund. Whatever you need until you’re 100% satisfied.


No Loopholes™

Up to 2 years after the installation date we ensure 100% satisfaction or your money back. No LoopholesTM, no problems.


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If your new furnace breaks down within the first 2 years of installment, we’ll fix it for free within 24 hours or give you $1000 for your troubles. No HassleTM, no headache.


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We guarantee that any furnace we install will keep you comfortable. If your system isn’t providing a consistent temperature anywhere within 5 years of the installation date, we’ll fix it up to and including replacing the entire system, totally free. No fluctuations, Just RightTM.


We Respect You™

We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and promise to treat your home with the utmost care and respect. If we don’t meet your expectations in any way, you’ll receive our Five Year System Check-Up PackageTM totally free of charge. We Respect YouTM and your home.

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