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Furnace Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you rent or own, heating and cooling are important for comfortable living. One way to ensure your home climate is stable is to practice regular furnace safety. Throughout this blog, you’ll learn more about the dos and don’ts of safe furnace maintenance.

Don’t Investigate or Repair Natural Gas Equipment

Your furnace is an appliance that heats your home through natural gas or propane. A burner inside the furnace is ignited, which in turn causes the heat exchanger to warm up. A blower pushes the hot air into the vents and ductwork of your house. In other words – your furnace is a complex piece of machinery, which when used improperly could become very dangerous.

It’s important that you never investigate a furnace issue on your own or try to repair a furnace without a professional. At the first notice of trouble, contact a heating and cooling service to check things over.

Do Take Care of Your System with Regular Maintenance

While you shouldn’t attempt to repair a furnace on your own, there are ways you can maintain the system between checkups. Some ways to keep your furnace running smoothly are:

Maintain a Clear Space Around the Furnace – Crowding your furnace can have disastrous results. It also makes it difficult for professional service teams to get in and do their job. Clear the area around your furnace so there are no obstructions or fire hazards nearby.

Monitor Registers – Dust, animal hair and other household debris gets caught in air registers over time. Check air registers and grilles for obstructions regularly to keep air flowing properly.

Replace Air Filters as Needed – Filters which are 1-2 inches should be swapped out every 3-months, while 4-inch filters can wait 6-months before replacing. Similarly, a 5-inch filter is good for the year.

If you notice any funny smells or noises coming from the furnace or air vents, be sure to contact your local heating and cooling specialist.

Do Use an HVAC Contractor with TSSA Registration

As we mentioned above, it’s important to call a professional when furnace problems become apparent. It’s even more crucial that your service repair person is TSSA registered. The TSSA is the authority in Ontario which governs natural gas usage and repair. The professionals who are registered with the TSSA have been trained in furnace safety and know how to properly manage the gas used to heat your home.

Do Have Annual Checkups on System Performance

Regular checkups keep your furnace in tip-top shape. As with any appliance, over time your furnace needs to be replaced. Regular maintenance extends the life of your current model. A heating and cooling service provider will also inform you when it’s time to swap out your furnace for a new one.

When your furnace isn’t working properly, it could damage internal components or pose a risk to your home. Practicing furnace safety keeps you and your house safe.

Interested in learning more about furnace repair and maintenance in Ontario? Contact Anchor Home Comfort. Our team of professional heating and cooling specialists are proud to serve Ottawa and surrounding areas.