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Air Conditioning Facts and Myths

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There are many air conditioner myths floating around and it can be difficult to separate what’s fact from fiction. From how you set your thermostat to getting the biggest unit available to cool your home, there’s enough misinformation out there to make you second guess how to get the most out of your air conditioner.

We’re here to set the story straight, so that you use your air conditioner more efficiently and don’t waste your money. Check out these top myths and the facts you need to know to save time and money today.

Myth: Setting Your Thermostat Temperature Lower Cools Your Home Faster

Fact: Your air conditioner cools as much as it can until your home reaches the temperature you’ve set it for. Your air conditioner has the same cooling output whether your home is one degree off its target temperature or ten degrees.

When you set your thermostat temperature lower than you actually want your home to be, you end up using extra energy to meet that temperature. Not to mention, your home may get uncomfortably cold before you remember to turn the temperature back up.

If you find your air conditioner isn’t as strong as it needs to be, a better solution is to get it checked for possible issues, get a new size, or invest in a higher-quality model.

Myth: Having a Bigger Air Conditioner Provides Better Results

Fact: Most people realize that having an air conditioner that’s too small is a problem because it can’t cool your home’s total area efficiently. Few realize that having an air conditioner that’s too big is also a bad idea.

A unit that is too large will shut off too frequently, causing more wear-and-tear, perhaps leading to early break downs. It will also struggle to dehumidify your air. Not to mention, a larger unit costs more up front. Talk to our trusted HVAC professionals to get the right sized air conditioner for your home.

Myth: You Can Install Your Air Conditioner and Forget About It

Fact: Air conditioners, like all other HVAC equipment, need regular maintenance to run their best. You should plan to have your air conditioner serviced with the filter changed by a HVAC professional at least once a year, ideally in the spring before the hot weather arrives, to ensure the unit is still running smoothly.

Regular maintenance can also catch small issues before they cause damage to your central air. In the long run, this saves you money by helping your air conditioner and your system last longer.

Myth: Air Conditioners Only Cool Your Home

Fact: Air conditioners do more than just cool your home. They can also dehumidify your home. Lower humidity level makes hot temperatures more comfortable and helps reduce the symptoms of asthma, allergies and other lung-related conditions.

Man turning on his AC

Myth: Turning Off the Air Conditioning When Away Saves Energy

Fact: If you plan to leave the house for a long day at work and think that turning your air conditioner off will help you save energy – the truth is that it won’t, and it will actually make your unit work harder to re-cool your home when you turn it back on.

The better course of action is to turn your air conditioner up a few degrees, as much as you still feel comfortable. You can save even more with a programmable thermostat that will adjust based on when you’re away, and when you’re home, to ensure that your system is continuously optimized.

More Air Conditioner Facts from Anchor Home Comfort

Not sure if you’re dealing with an air conditioning fact or myth? Reach out to us at Anchor Home Comfort. We’re happy to help you choose the right air conditioner, answer all of your questions, and keep your system well maintained for many years to come.